Podcast Episodes

004 - The Left Has Abandoned MLK Jr.

The Left only looks at skin color. Everything they do revolves around race. IN a sense, they are creating a manufactured sense of racism by labelling anyone who is not on their "woke" level, a racist white supremist - even if they aren't white! MLK Jr. believed color does not matter, and he is right, but the has abandoned that principle.

003 - The Real Threat to Our Freedoms

Big Tech and the Far Left are working together to silence YOU. If they can effectively delete the sitting President of the United States, the leader of the free world, from multiple platforms, think about how easy it will be for them to suppress you. This is a warning. Your freedoms are under attack.

002 - The Truth About the Capitol

The tragic events that took place at the US Capitol building did not commence as the Mainstream Media is making them out to have. This is the truth, with Antifa whistle-blower and independent journalist, Tayler Hansen. Find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Parler - @taylerusa.

001 - Introduction + Call to Action

I, Michael Lowther, introduce myself and share some valuable lessons I learned in 2020. It's time to be free-thinkers and expose the leftist lies about environmentalism, life, and health. Join me on that journey.